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Automated FUE



FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the process by which each individual follicular unit is gently extracted from the back of the scalp to provide the necessary hair grafts for a hair transplant.  Several different machines have been developed to obtain the grafts from the back of the scalp.  One example is the FUE machine.  This is an automated device that is used to take out each hair graft one by one.  This can be done for eyebrow transplants as well.  Maryland hair loss patients frequently ask me about how well the grafts survive compared to the strip method.  With excellent handling techniques, we have seen similar survivability results between all methods.  The process used to be done manually with handheld puch device, but this took a very long time and the size of the grafts were usually too large for the inconspicuous results now very common for hair transplants.

Automated FUE offers the benefit of FUE while speeding up the time significantly.  Also, the donor site is scarless.  This is essentially a scarless hair transplant.  Please keep in mind, however, that even with the strip harvest technique the scar is very inconspicuous.  Maryland hair restoration specialist, Dr. Jeff Schreiber, cannot even find the donor scar in many patients who follow up after their hair transplant procedure.

With automated FUE, the only drawbacks are the time involved and the cost.  Because each hair follicular unit is extracted one by one, the procedure takes twice the time as a normal hair transplant.  Even with the automated system, this Maryland FUE process is still lengthy.  As far as the cost goes, it varies by how many hair grafts each patient needs in order to meet his or her hair transplant goals.  However, Maryland hair loss patients and those even getting the strip method can apply for CareCredit financing to help them get the look that they want affordably. 

As a Baltimore FUE specialist, Dr. Schreiber is the first physican in Baltimore to have done an automated FUE hair transplant!  He encourages you to come in for a consultation in order to determine your hair transplant goals and to determine which type of hair transplant procedure is right for you. 

Automated follicular unite extraction, or FUE, gives patients the opportunity to get a hair transplant with no scar.  The downtime is minimal and the recovery period can be shorter than the strip method.  This is ideal for those men and women who like to wear their hair short in the back.  Baltimore FUE expert, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, uses no staples, scalpels, or stitches with his FUE technique.  His patients also enjoy an earlier return to work and he offers many different packages for each patient’s individual needs. 

The Automated Baltimore FUE Process

Dr. Schreiber utilizes FDA-cleared FUE equipment to gently remove each individual follicular unit from the back of the scalp.  This is an alternative of the method of removing a strip of skin from the back of the scalp.  Dr. Schreiber’s unique harvesting and processing technique allows him to get the same aesthetic results achieved with the other hair transplant techniques, like the strip method and all other FUE machines.

Men and Women Can Benefit

Baltimore FUE by Dr. Schreiber is available for both men and women from all backgrounds and ethnicities.  Dr. Schreiber has extensive experience working with many different patients as is evident in his numerous before and after photos found here.  He also services DC hair transplant, Annapolis hair transplant, Delaware hair transplant, Pennsylvania hair transplant, and even International hair transplant patients.  Dr. Schreiber has patients from all over the world come in for his procedure.  They have come in from California, Africa, Europe, and even the Middle East!

Artistry, Not Just Technique

Dr. Schreiber is also known for his artistic talents as he was part of the St. Louis Artists Guild.  He used his artistic eye to carefully make sure the transplanted hair follicles follow the same angle as your native hair follicles to ensure a very natural appearance.  He also takes his time in designing the new and improved hairline with the patient’s input. 

Am I Right for the Automated FUE Technique?

Dr. Schreiber offers hair transplant consultations in a comfortable, private office with easy access from anywhere in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.  During this time, he will carefully evaluate your scalp to ensure that you’re a good Baltimore hair transplant candidate.  He will also carefully review your history and physical to make sure that the procedure is done safely.  Click here to schedule an appointment online!

What About Eyebrows and Facial Hair?

FUE hair transplants can also be done to restore hair to eyebrows, moustaches, and even beards.  Dr. Schreiber has successfully done this in numerous men and women utilizing this remarkable scarless hair transplant technique.

The Day of the Procedure

Automated FUE is much easier than people think.  Dr. Schreiber will ask you to come in during the morning and he will then design the hairline with your input.  Then, the hair is carefully and gently removed from the back of the scalp.  Dr. Schreiber does not use any general anesthesia or intravenous medications, so the recovery is very quick.  His patients are also free to get up and walk around at any point during the procedure.  Dr. Schreiber and his staff use an original processing technique to help keep the grafts healthy and moisturized during the harvest technique to help ensure maximal survival of the grafts.  Other hair transplant centers have been known to dry out the grafts during FUE that can lead to a less-than-desirable result.

After your Baltimore FUE Hair Transplant

Dr Schreiber will personally review the before and after instructions with you to help give you the easiest recovery period.  He also provides his cell phone number to his patients for 24/7 access for any questions or concerns.  The hair follicles will actually go in to a hibernation or telogen stage after the transplant, so you won’t see any growth for about 3-4 months.  Then, when the hair “wakes up” from this hibernation stage you will start to see the benefits of your hair transplant procedure as the hair grows!  In fact, the hair will continue to grow for about 12-18 months after the procedure so the results will just get better and better. 

The Results

Dr. Schreiber’s patients rave about their results and you can read the reviews here.  The transplanted hair follicles are permanent, but if you continue to lose hair you may need to have a repeat hair transplant to maintain the desired look.  Also, if you want a very dense amount of hair follicles then you may need to have secondary procedure.  This is because the hair grafts cannot but put too close together or they won’t get enough nutrients to survive.  However, as is evident in his numerous reviews and before and after photos Dr. Schreiber’s patients are happy after one hair transplant procedure.

Baltimore Hair Transplant Video Testimonial from one of Dr. Schreiber’s patients



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