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Hair Loss Classification

Male and female pattern hair loss has been classified into progressive stages of hair loss patterns.  However, not everyone falls into one of the categories.  The goal of any male or female hair transplant is to bring him or her back several stages to appear like early hair loss that has stabilized or all the way back to stage 1 (normal hair pattern without evidence of hair loss.)  Everyone is unique in his hair loss pattern, hair transplant goals, and amount of donor site available for transplantation.  Therefore, it is important to talk to Maryland hair transplant expert, Dr. Schreiber, to find out what is right for you, to learn what stage in hair loss you're in, and to find out how Dr. Schreiber can restore your hairline naturally.

The Norwood-Hamilton Classification of Male Pattern Hair Loss is presented here:

The Ludwig Classification of Female Pattern Hair Loss is presented here:

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