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Baltimore Beard Transplantation

Maryland hair loss expert, Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber, also offers mustache and beard transplants.  These cases don't have to be the entire beard or mustache, but can be used to make a full or even a fuller area of hair.  The donor site is the back of the scalp, so the color and texture are similar to what is already on the scalp.  For harvesting techniques, the FUE (follicular unit extraction) or strip method can be used to get the grafts for the transplant.  Downtime is less with this procedure compared to an entire scalp hair transplant.  Dr. Schreiber recommends taking off several days of work to allow the swelling to resolve.  Visit with Maryland beard transplant expert Dr. Schreiber to see your options for a new or fuller mustache, goatee, or beard.  Call (410) 902-9800 or click here to make an appointment online.


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