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Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Schreiber's CV (Resume)

Curriculum Vitae

Jeffrey Evan Schreiber, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Maryland Hair Transplant Specialist



Office Address:               10807 Falls Road

                                  Suite 101

                                  Lutherville, MD  21093

                                  Phone: (410) 902-9800

                                  Fax:  (410) 902-9803


Website Addresses:



Residency Address:            The Johns Hopkins Hospital

                                     Division of Plastic and Reconstructive  


                     601 North Caroline Street

                                     Baltimore, MD  21287


                                     University of Maryland Medical System

                                     Division of Plastic and Reconstructive


                                     22 South Greene Street

                                     Baltimore, MD    21287





Undergraduate Education:


                   University of Missouri-Kansas City

                   Kansas City, Missouri, 1993-1999

                   Degree:  B.A. in Biology – May 1998

                   Honors:      University of Missouri Curators Scholar

                                      Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

                                      Mortar Board Honor Society

                                      Missouri Higher Education Scholar

                                      Graduation with Distinction


Medical Education


                   Medical School            

             University of Missouri-Kansas City School of


                   Kansas City, Missouri, 1993 - 1999

                   Degree:  M.D., May 1999


                   Internship – General Surgery

                   The Johns Hopkins Hospital

             Baltimore, Maryland 1999 – 2000


                    Research  - Wound Healing

        Sinai Hospital Baltimore

       Baltimore, Maryland 2001-2002


                   Residency – Integrated General Surgery

                        and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery        

        The Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland

        Baltimore, Maryland 2000 - 2006   



Board Certification


                       American Board of Plastic Surgery




Upjohn Award for Clinical Research                  

Baltimore, Maryland – May 2003


       ACS Committee on Trauma Resident Research
       Competition, Region III, Second Place in Basic     
           Science Research; Norfolk, Virginia – December 2002         


St. Louis Friends of the University of Missouri-Kansas City

School of Medicine

Award for Research

Kansas City, Missouri – May 1999


Award for Excellence in Physical Diagnosis

                   American College of Physicians

Kansas City, Missouri – June 1997

Local Committees


John Staige Davis Society – President


Baltimore Hair Transplant pro bono volunteer through the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


The Johns Hopkins Hospital House Staff Council Representative


ACGME Approval Sub-Committee Member


University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

Elected Student Representative:

                             Board of Evaluation – 1994, 1997

                             Board of Selection – 1998


American Medical Student Association




                   Maryland medical license – active

                   DEA licenses– federal and state, active





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Hobbies and Interests


Weightlifting, cross training, reading, Maryland Habitat for Humanity volunteer, refining techniques in hair restoration, eyebrow transplantation, and eyelash transplants




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