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Baltimore Eyelash Transplantation

Dr. Schreiber performs the most up-to-date techniques of eyelash transplantation procedures right in his Lutherville, Maryland office!  Eyelash restoration can recreate your eyelashes or restore the volume to your existing eyelash pattern.  Individual hair grafts from your scalp are used for the eyelash transplantation.  Each hair graft is separated out under a microscope, so it will be extremely difficult for anyone to tell that you had an eyelash transplant procedure.

The eyelash transplant procedure is considered a "minor outpatient procedure" and begins with gently removing some of the permanent hair-bearing skin from the back of your scalp after the area has been completely numbed.  This area is then very carefully closed with fine sutures that will be removed in 10-14 days.  Next, each and every hair follicle is carefully dissected out under a microscope.  Dr. Schreiber will then gently numb the eyelids, and he will then create millimeter-sized sites for the new eyelashes to be placed into.  Then, each hair graft is very carefully placed into the areas of your eyelids where you are missing eyelashes or where you want a greater number of eyelashes.  Dr. Schreiber also takes great care to place the hair grafts at the same angle as any already existing eyelashes to give the most natural look possible.  The hair grafts do not require any stitches to stay in - your skin make a natural "glue" that holds the grafts in place.

Eyelash transplantation is very well tolerated just under local anesthesia!  Dr. Schreiber will not "put you to sleep" and you can even eat breakfast the morning of the procedure.  You will be awake, but Dr. Schreiber will prescribe you some oral medication to take that will relax you throughout the day.  Also, there is usually very little discomfort during the eyelash transplant procedure.  The entire process can be lengthy, so please plan on spending anywhere from 4-5 hours with Dr. Schreiber.  After about 1 day, small crusts will form where each of the grafts were placed, and these will fall off within 10-14 days.  You will see your results immediately!


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