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Out-of-town Patients

Dr. Schreiber frequently performs hair transplants on out-of-town patients.  Some of Dr. Schreiber's patients come from surrounding states, like Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, D.C., while others travel via plane from Los Angeles and New York.  In fact, Dr. Schreiber even has patients come in from as far away as Dubai and Africa! 

For those patients traveling from out-of-state, Dr. Schreiber is pleased to offer hair transplant discussions over the phone or Skype.  These are just discussions and do not constitue the actual consultation.  Formal consultations are done when you have arrived at Dr. Schreiber's office for the hair transplant procedure.  His staff is outstanding at assisting those patients traveling from out-of-town in helping them to arrange driving, flight, and hotel arrangements.  Dr. Schreiber is also available 24/7 to any of his patients for any questions or concerns once the patients have returned home. 

For DC hair transplant patients, take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to 83 North, then follow the directions located here.

For Delaware hair transplant patients, Pennsylvania hair transplant patients, and New York hair transplant patients, take 95 South to 695 West toward Towson, then follow the directions here.

For international hair transplant patients, please call (410) 902-9800 to speak with our Patient Coordinator about travel arrangements.  We can assist you with BWI airplane information, rental car or car service, and local hotel reservations.

Dr. Schreiber's hair transplant patients have come from the following places:

1.  Maryland

2.  Pennsylvania

3.  Delaware

4.  Washington, D.C.

5.  Los Angeles, California

6.  New York City

7.  Dubai

8.  Kenya

9.  Caracas, Venezuela

10.  London, England


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